Frequently Asked Questions

If your dealership already subscribes to DeskKing, the DeskKing administrator for your dealership (typically the General Sales Manager) can create an account for you. If you are interested in DeskKing but your dealership does not yet have an account, please contact our Solutions department at [email protected] to schedule a demonstration.
Your DeskKing administrator must first create an account for you. If you have an account but are experiencing problems logging in because you have forgotten your password, ask your administrator to reset it. After your password has been reset, log in using "password" as the password. You will then be prompted to personalize your password. If you know your password and are unable to log in, please contact technical support at [email protected].
There are three ways to get news and announcements regarding DeskKing:
  • Announcements will occasionally be added to your DeskKing Home page in the "Announcements" box at the top of the screen.
  • The latest financial bulletins are displayed on the Home page in DeskKing.
  • To ensure you are getting all of the important news about DeskKing, please sign up on our main page to receive our DeskKing News Bulletins
DeskKing is designed to work with all "standards-compliant" web browsers. For your online safety we highly recommend you keep your web browser up to date. Go to whatbrowser.org to see if an update is available for your browser. If you can't update your current browser, check out our guide to Get Setup on how to use a modern browser with DeskKing even when you can't update Internet Explorer.
The best way to save quotes as PDF's is to install a PDF printer driver. There are several available at no cost, but our current favorite is doPDF. More information is available in our guide to Get Setup.
Sum-Ware, Inc. designs, produces and handles all aspects of DeskKing software. DeskKing is the product; Sum-Ware is the manufacturer.
Help is always available at [email protected] or you can call us at 818-455-0137 during regular business hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific time Monday-Friday
Solution Advisor
[email protected]
DeskKing Support
[email protected]
Sum-Ware, Inc.
P.O. Box 4048
Carson City, NV 89702