Reign In Sales

Instantly view price and payment for your complete inventory and any vehicle BMW makes.

Spend your time building relationships rather than searching for the information you need.

The fastest, easiest way to make a deal.

Working a deal with traditional methods means calculating payments, searching for inventory and making phone calls; all of which can be time-consuming hassles. With DeskKing we have all of the tools you need to configure a vehicle, check inventory and calculate a payment built right in.

Time is money — DeskKing gets you more of both.

Because DeskKing simplifies the car-selling process, you and your customer save time. By building all of the processes of car sales into one software application, DeskKing eliminates the hassles of the traditional sales process.

Pre-loaded data eliminates errors.

With all of the calculations involved in vehicle financing, once in a while a mistake will happen. With DeskKing's built-in finance and lease calculator, you don't have to enter any numbers. As you add options to a vehicle, the calculator is updated automatically.

Space-saving and convenient.

Clear the binders, inventory sheets and calculator off your desk. DeskKing tracks inventory and calculates payments for you.

No data-entry.

Your inventory is kept up-to-date by the processes you already have in place. Rate and residual information is provided by your lenders and is always current.

No hardware to buy.

Most dealership sales systems require you to buy additional proprietary hardware. DeskKing runs on your existing computers, installs in a few minutes and runs within your Internet browser.


Unlimited user accounts for BMW dealer employees is just $799 per month and you can add MINI for just $599 more.

For a more in depth view of DeskKing check out our brochure.

Your DeskKing experience starts here.

Contact our Solutions department to get DeskKing for your BMW or MINI dealership.

Use the latest version of your preferred web browser.

While DeskKing is usable with almost any web browser, older browsers are much slower and can cause occasional display errors. If you are forced to use an outdated version of a browser for another business critical website, it is highly recommended you install a browser you can keep up to date for accessing DeskKing and the Internet.

Add a shortcut to your desktop to launch DeskKing.

Our installation tool creates a shortcut on your desktop that will launch DeskKing in your preferred web browser. So you can keep Internet Explorer 8 as your system default, but use the latest Google Chome or Firefox for DeskKing.

  • Download and run the DeskKing Instaler.
  • Select "Run this program..." or "Open" when prompted.
  • Click "Yes" to allow installation to begin.
  • Follow the prompts in the installer.
  • If you get an error similar to "File could not be written", then check with your network administrator about installing DeskKing.

Create PDF files from DeskKing deal printouts.

Our users have often requested a way to email quotes to their customers. By installing a PDF printer driver you can send any document you want to your customer without worrying if they will be able to view the attachment. There are many to choose from, but the easiest we have found is doPFD.

  • Download and install doPDF.
  • Select doPDF as your printer to turn any document into a PDF

For help using DeskKing you can download the User Guide, check out our Fequently Asked Questions, or just contact us to ask your question or setup training.


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